Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hair Chalking Tutorial!!

Pastel hair and brightly colored tips are hot right now it seems everyone is trying it, Lauren Conrad, Dianna Agron, Katy Perry and Rachel McAdams to name a few. But while its super cute and fun most of us don't want to commit to pink and purple hair, that's what makes hair chalking so wonderful you can have bright fun hair on Saturday night and have it washed out by church on Sunday plus its super easy!

What you need-
-boiling water
-chalk ( you can use art chalk or just good old 97 cent crayola, we used a bit of both while the artist chalk was more vibrant and gives you more choices I preferred the more muted tones of the crayola but its up to you)

How to-
  • Bring a pot of water to a boil
  • Remove from heat and drop in desired colors (you can just break off about half a piece since you won't use the whole thing)
    Leave in hot water about 15 min, you want it to be softened but not to the point it is falling apart.
  • Grab a color, shake off the excess water and rub it onto a strand of dry hair
  • Hair will tangle so keep a comb close by to smooth it out.
  • Style!! We used a curling iron and straightener just like normal and it looked great. We even used some hair spray, I just wouldn't use anything oily like shine serums.
  • When you want the color gone just shampoo your hair like normal!
Here is how ours turned out!

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